Piano Lessons with Sheri Neufeldt-Fast ... in Stouffville

Sheri's Music Studio 

Piano Lessons

Private Instruction for ages 5 and older

Sheri Neufeldt-Fast

- Piano instructor for 27 years
- Licensed Kindermusik educator
- Instrumental (piano, flute, violin), voice and conducting training
- Accompanied a number of adult and children's choirs

Sheri's Educational Background:
- ARCT (Piano Performance), Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (1st Class Honours)
- Honours Bachelor of Arts (Music), University of Waterloo, Waterloo- Bachelor of Church Music, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg

Lessons and classes take place at: 672 Millard St., Stouffville, Ont. (behind Glad Park Public School)

Emily, age 6, playing at Sheri's Student Piano Recital, June 2008

Private Piano Schedule:

Please contact Sheri to book a convenient time slot. Some noon-hour slots are also available (convenient for students at nearby Glad Park or St. Mark schools).

Click for sample course materials for children and for adult beginners.

Sheri's Spring '07 Piano Recital at Parkview Village Auditorium, Stouffville (student duet with Sheri)

Music - Give your child the best start in life!

For more information or registration contact:

Sheri Neufeldt-Fast

672 Millard St., Stouffville, ON, L4A 0B2
Tel: 905-642-3295

E-mail: musicwithsheri@gmail.com 
Web: http://music-studio-stouffville.blogspot.com